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Technical Publications

Long-Endurance UAV Concepts

In this article, we detail possibilities for the next generation of HALE-UAVs (High-Altitude Long-Endurance Unmanned Air Vehicles). Our design changes provide a significant performance increase over the current Tier II+ design.

Battlefield Simulation

This article details the use of Artificial Neural Net technology to control Command and Control elements in the battlefield simulation space.

Augmented Reality

This paper, presented at West Point in the Summer of 2006, describes the results of a RDECOM research project, the Dismounted Augmented Reality Training System (DARTS). The prototype developed under this effort demonstrates that the tools and techniques necessary to implement this technology are not far off.

OMVG-STO — Augmented Reality for Enhanced Command and Control and Mobility

This paper outlines Pathfinder Systems’ application of our patented Augmented Reality technology to the enhancement of object marking and vehicle guidance.

Decision Structures

This demonstration shows our LINIAC artificial neural net technology in action. 

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