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Royal Netherlands Air Force Door Gunner Simulator

The Door Gunner Simulator (DGS) is a fully-immersive, projection-based simulator which supports gunnery and aircrew training for the Chinook, Cougar and NH-90 helicopters. The simulator supports gunnery for the M3M and FNMAG weapons systems along with disabling fire.


Weapon Systems

  • Instructors can remotely inject faults into all simulated weapons.

  • All weapon mounts possess integrated recoil and aerodynamic torque that is applied to the weapons in flight.

  • Supports Disabling Fire (DF) training with the H&K 416 rifle.

Night Time Missions

  • DGS supports training for both daytime and night operations. The infrared projectors allow for students to train using their actual night vision googles as they would on a real flight.

  • Instructors can insert faults into the NVGs to simulate a malfunctioning or dead battery pack.

Additional Features

  • Intelligent autopilot is controlled by the instructor using an XBOX controller.

  • Reconfigurable cabin replicates the area around each gunner position so the students can learn how to operate the weapon within the specific constraints imposed by each aircraft type.

  • Equipped with a briefing/debriefing area to support training along with a full After Action Review that captures each training session.

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