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High Fidelity
Aircrew Trainers

Fixed and Motion Base Aircrew Trainers, Weapons, Mounts and Visual Systems

Pathfinder Systems is a leading aircrew trainer supplier for helicopter and fixed wing aircraft. Aircrew trainers provide initial training and continued proficiency to crew chiefs, gunners and loadmasters. Our clients include the United States Marine Corps, United States Air Force, United States Coast Guard, Royal Netherlands Air Force and others. We have extensive experience with the unique needs of cabin crew trainers. Their requirements are radically different from those of a pilot trainer. While in a cockpit trainer the user is stationary, in an aircrew trainer we must have cabin fidelity to allow the user to move and interact with their surroundings. This includes not only the correct position of controls, displays, weapons and other components, but also the recoil and aerodynamic forces exerted on the weapons and on the rounds fired.

As budgets for aircrew trainers are usually lower than for pilot trainers, all of our rotary wing aircrew trainers can be convertible between two or three aircraft types.

In our trainers, the aircrew can wear their actual equipment including flight helmets which plug into the simulator's intercom system. Aural effects such as engine sounds, aerodynamic noise, weapon fire, hits by incoming fire are faithfully reproduced.


Cabin Systems

Aircrew trainers require high fidelity cabins that faithfully replicate aircraft interiors. We design and create a multitude of interior elements to support training realism:

  • Interior seating and harnesses

  • Unique, but re-configurable cabin details

  • Cabin floors with precise tie-down ring locations

  • System Controls

  • Lighting Controls

  • Defensive Weapon Systems in-Cabin Controls

  • ICS & avionics systems and panels


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Weapons Systems

We recreate exact details and behavior of on board weapons systems, including:

  • Belt loading of machine guns

  • All failure modes

  • Aerodynamic torque

  • Recoil forces

  • Fault insertion

  • Weapon mounts


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Flight Modeling

  • Standalone flight model that enables non-pilot instructors to fly aircraft without connection to full flight simulator

  • Can be networked to a full flight simulator

  • Scenarios can be fully scripted or controlled by an instructor in real time

  • Xbox controller provides intuitive interface to control scenario in real time

Aircraft Types

Pathfinder Systems has built high fidelity cabins for numerous aircraft, to include:

  • CH-53E

  • MV-22B

  • UH-1Y

  • UH-60A/L

  • CH-47D

  • MH-60J

  • MH-65C

  • C-130

  • NH-90

  • Eurocopter Cougar

Visual Presentation

  • For helicopter and prop-rotor aircraft, we provide full 360 fields of view with projection based visual displays.

  • Permits realistic weapon handling.

  • Allows aircrew members to train with their own equipment

  • HMD solutions are also available

Instructor Operator Stations

  • Designed to meet unique customer needs

  • Instructor fault insertion

  • Student recording and debriefing capabilities

  • Scenario development

  • Integration of maintenance station capabilities

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