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Training Weapons

Design, Manufacture & Integration

Pathfinder Systems offers a variety of training weapon systems and services to meet your simulator needs. We can design a unique approach, or provide integration services for our existing modular systems. Our weapons are individually tested to provide the highest reliability. Our weapon control software and electronics can inject and remove failures, can set the number of rounds available, stop firing when the weapon runs out of ammunition, and train how to reload the weapon and clear malfunctions.

Crew-Served Weapons

Designed to depict their real counterparts, these weapon's functionality, form factor and mounts are all accurately manufactured. Components such as the trigger, safety, bolt and ammo are all sensed and reported to the control software. Incorporated in the mounts is an electronic recoil system and aerodynamic torque.

Failures such as a misfire, cook off and no ammo can be activated from the control software. Each of these requires the weapon to be cleared in the same manner as the real system.

FN Mag Cougar Helicopter.png
NH90 M3M Render.png

M3M / GAU-21  for NH-90

FN MAG / M240

Sharpshooter Rifles

All systems accurately replicate their real counterparts form factor, weight, and functionality. The accurate trigger, safety, bolt, and magazine are all sensed and reported in the control software. These systems include a pneumatic recoil system which greatly increases the realism of the system. 


Each weapon can have a multitude of different failures triggered from our control software. These include misfires, cookoffs, no ammo, and malfunctions.

Each weapon has integrated tracking which allows for the exact position and aim point to be used by any simulator system. 

Rifle scopes that include a functional zoom capability are also included for sniper training. Laser aiming devices such as an ATPIAL can also be incorporated into the weapon.

Wireless Scopes

Utilizing the existing tracking system on any training weapon, our wireless rifle scope displays a high quality image with near zero latency. Includes a built in focus adjustment to guarantee a clear display for every shooter. The functional zoom dial can be programmed for any range and the software based reticle can be changed to any model and be set to either the first or second focal plane.


  • < 1 ms of latency

  • High quality 1.3 megapixel display

  • Functional zoom dial

  • Adjustable zoom range

  • Changeable reticle

  • Reticle on either focal plane

Scope on rifle.jpg
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