Training Weapons

Design, Manufacture, Integration & Support

Pathfinder Systems offers a variety of training weapon systems and services to meet your simulator needs. We can design a unique approach, or provide integration services for our existing modular systems. Our weapons are individually tested to provide the highest reliability. Our weapon control software and electronics can inject and remove failures, can set the number of rounds available, stop firing when the weapon runs out of ammunition, and train how to reload the weapon and clear malfunctions.

Derek Sikora of Pathfinder Systems testing the newly developed M110 Training Weapon for the US Coast Guard.

Standard Training Weapons with Standard Pricing

All systems offered with accurate trigger & safety sensor, bolt interface and actuation, ammo counter, control software, interface box, and manuals. All include options of Trigger Pull & Safety Activation, Daylight and NVG Muzzle Flash, Pneumatic or Electric Recoil, Aerodynamic Torque on mounted weapons.

  • 7.62 mm crew-served weapons (M240 & FN MAG) Bolt & Charging Handle Motion, Feed Tray Details, Ammo Belt, Gas Regulator Rotation, Barrel Swap, carry handle rotation, bipod retainer, rear sight, infantry size trigger group w. convertible buttstock/spade grip assembly

  • 7.62 mm sharpshooter rifles (MK11, MK14T, M110) Laser, Scope, Bipod, swappable magazines, bolt catch on last shot w/ pneumatic recoil

  • 0.50 Cal/12.7 mm crew-served weapons (M3M, GAU-21) Cover Actuation, Bolt Capture/Return, Ammo Belt w. capture/reset, realistic bolt charging force. Available in various cradle and trigger cage styles

  • 0.50 Cal/12.7 mm sharpshooter rifle (M107): Cover Actuation, Laser, Scope, Bipod/Tripod, swappable magazines, bolt catch on last shot w/ pneumatic recoil

Demonstration of the GAU-21 Training Weapon in the Marine Common Aircrew Trainer

UH-1Y, MH-65C and MV-22B ramp weapons

Standard Training Weapon Accessories

  • Instructor Operator Station Graphic User Interface for 1 to 5 weapons, up to 10 controls each

  • Software recording of hits, misses, corrective actions supporting student debriefing and After Action Reviews

  • Weapons Control Box controls weapon functions and interfaces to the customer’s computational system, either as a 3U rack-mounted unit or desktop PC-sized enclosure

  • All cables necessary to operate the weapons are provided, with 15-meter umbilical cable between weapons and control box

Additional Options

  • Variety of simulated laser aiming devices attached to weapon with standard Picatinny rail

  • Pathfinder specializes in the development of real-time visual systems to support our weapons. We support both projected and helmet-mounted visual systems. Contact us for your visual system needs

  • Support red dot sights

Shoulder-fired Weapons

M3M / GAU-21

with FN Herstal medium pintle mount

M3M / GAU-21  for NH-90 ramp

M3M / GAU-21

for Chinook (CH-47) ramp

FN MAG / M240

Crew-served Weapons

Weapon Mounts, Cradles and Pintles

We design and manufacture weapon cradles, pintles and mounts for a variety of weapons and aircraft systems. Mounts, cradles and pintles are designed to match the look, feel and functionality of the total mounting system.

Training weapon installation into our mounts replicates the installation steps used in the actual firearm. We incorporate either electric or pneumatic recoil into our mount systems to replicate actual weapon recoil. We can integrate aerodynamic torque into mounts designed for aircraft simulators at the customer’s request. All of our mounts for crew served weapons incorporate sensors to track weapon orientation. Elevation and Azimuth locks/limits are incorporated into our mount solutions.

We provide real-time tracking solutions for our shoulder-fired weapons.

We currently provide the following standard mounts for 12.7mm/.50 Cal and/or 7.62mm machine guns:

  • CH-53E Helicopter: left, right, ramp mounts

  • UH-1Y Helicopter: left, right mounts

  • MV-22B ramp mounts

  • CH47D Chinook Helicopter: left, right, ramp mounts

  • Aerospatiale Cougar Helicopter: left, right mounts

  • CH-46E Helicopter: left, right, ramp mounts

  • UH-60 Blackhawk Helicopter: left, right mounts

  • MH-60J Helicopter: door mount

  • MH-65 Helicopter: door mount

  • NH-90 Helicopter: left, right mounts

Mounts and Controls

Training Weapon Development

Pathfinder can design, manufacture and support the development of any training weapon our customers may require. We are currently developing a training weapon for the minigun (GAU-2/A, GAU-17A) with 500,000 rounds MTBF which we anticipate introducing into the market in 2015.

Spares Packages, Service & Warranty

We warranty all weapons for 1 year. We can provide spares packages, service and repair to meet customer needs.