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Marine Common Aircrew Trainer - Prototype 2

The Common Aircrew Trainer (MCAT-P2) is a highly capable training device for aerial gunnery, crew coordination and external load operations. The high fidelity cabin, use of own equipment and superb visual system, makes the training experience as close to reality as possible. The system is capable of interoperation with the USMC’s Tactical Environment Network to implement friendly and opposing forces, and to enable control of the MCAT by an external flight simulator when desired. The MCAT-P2 is capable of training in the CH-46E, UH-1N, MV-22B and MH-53E aircrews.

  • Low cost, easy to install light exclusion system

  • Capable of installation in any unimproved high bay facility with cement floors

  • Maximum use of projectors and support structure makes this simulator affordable and easily maintainable

  • Boasts a realistic ICS communication system


Visible muzzle flash
Realistic electric recoil
Ammo belt load/unload
Instructor fault insertion from IOS
Simulated jammed and “runaway” conditions


Confined area landings
External load operations
Formation flights
Tactical training missions
Basic gun training

Visual Effects

NVG Simulation
Extensive Mo
ving Model Library
Humanoid Actions



Basic Aerial Gunnery
Advanced Aerial Gunnery
External Load Operations
Crew Coordination

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