US Coast Guard Aircrew Weapon Trainer

The Aircrew Weapons Trainer (CG-AWT) is a cost-effective, high fidelity, re-configurable MH-60T/MH-65C cabin simulator that supports maritime aviation use of force training objectives. Advanced mission scenario generation software facilitates the execution of complex multi-surface and air asset mission simulations with programmable threat targets that are recordable for after action review and evaluation. The simulator is controlled by an intuitive instructor operating console with selectable basic, judgmental, and advanced tactics modes. CG-AWT can be operated in either stand-alone or interoperable mode. In the interoperable mode, CG-AWT is linked to ATC’s rotary wing operational flight simulators for total crew immersion training.

  • Supports recoil, full ballistics solution, weapons malfunction capability, M240 barrel air resistance, hit and near-miss recording, and engine disabling fire.

  • Realistic hover and out of trim flight characteristics generated by a six degree freedom of motion system.

  • 180° x 105° spherical ellipsoid field of view provides look down, shoot down capability.

  • Auto-alignment and edge-blending features create a seamless multi-channel visual display image.

  • Visual image generation system includes East Coast, Gulf Coast and West Coast databases.

  • Intuitive autopilot responds to TOI evasive maneuvering with appropriate offensive and defensive counter maneuvers.

  • Reconfigurable in 50 minutes

CG-AWT supports stimulated NVG operation and allows students to train with their own equipment

Exterior of the CG-AWT simulator

Training Tasks

Individual Weapon Skills
Aircrew Coordination
Tactics & Target Engagement


M-240 with ATPIAL
M-14T with scope & ATPIAL
M-107 with scope & ATPIAL
MK-11 with scope & ATPIAL


Counter Drug
Port Waterway Coastal Security

  • Patrol

  • Fixed Security Zone

  • Moving Security Zone


Counter Terrorism

  • Boarding Team Cover

  • New Orleans Gaming Area

Visual Effects

NVG Simulation
3D Sea States
Extensive Moving Model Library
Vessel Pitch, Heave, Roll
Humanoid Actions