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Pathfinder Systems successfully completed the integration of Haptech wireless M110s to the Coast Guard Aircrew Weapons Trainer. In addition, PSI developed and delivered wireless rifle scopes to use with both the new M110s and the existing tethered training weapons. Pathfinder built the CG-AWT with the original training weapons back in 2010 and have continued to support it with with multiple upgrades and improvements throughout the years.

Learn more about PSI's training weapons and wireless scopes

Pathfinder successfully demonstrated its improved sense and avoid technology at Wright Patterson Air Force Base. This DEES program was a successor to the original OPSAT project, focusing on improving detection distance, tracking reliability, and using a single camera to acquire a range estimation. Due to its success, DEES, now FlightSight Odin, is being integrated into a US Air Force Bat 4 drone to give it a passive ranging capability.

Updated: Feb 15

PSI personnel performed hands on training for instructors at the Netherland's Door Gunner Simulator. Training included how to run the system, reconfigure the airframe and create new lessons. This enables the instructors to run scenarios created for them by Pathfinder, as well as to create new missions to run with their students.

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