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Sense and Avoid

Pathfinder is developing visual and IR-based remote sensing technology for aircraft using both a single and multi-camera approach. Pathfinder's technology offers increased safety and situational awareness, as well as a  means to detect stealthy aircraft. Developed with actual flight test data, PSI's physics-based approach integrates aerodynamic modeling with deep learning. Learn more by going to




In real time, can detect, track and determine a target's state vector Using a single EO or IR camera, including:

  • 3D Bearing

  • 3D Speed Vector

  • Range

  • Continuous future trajectory estimates

Our system is capable of engaging multiple targets simultaneously against a cluttered background, day or night.


Standalone passive detection and tracking system that creates a series of virtual twins to derive the target's position. This allows the use of a single ownship and can not be spoofed by scale model aircraft like other single-ship methods.

This technology can also be applied to a multi-ship system to increase the detection FOV and ranging accuracy.

Our capabilities are based on a completed Phase II SBIR which was flown on a AFRL BAT-4 drone.


Collision Avoidance


For the commercial market, this technology allows for a low SWAP add-on for both airliners and person aircraft to prevent deadly mid-air collisions. 

Drones also benefit from a dedicated air-to-air avoidance system to maneuver around non-cooperating aircraft.

 A Unique Approach

  • Passive sensing of aircraft

  • Developed from actual, verified flight data

  • Interfaces with existing avionics and COTS sensors

  • Integrates aerodynamic modeling with deep learning

  • Physics based, real-time, 3D model of ownship space

 Multi-Use & Low Cost

  • UAS Detect and Avoid

  • Increased Safety & Situational Awareness for manned aircraft

  • Drone detection during vulnerable flight stages

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