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Simulator Components

In addition to our complete aircrew simulator solutions, Pathfinder Systems can provide hardware and software components for integration into existing and upcoming training solutions. 


Training Hardware

  • Wireless Rifle Scopes

  • Radios and Simulated Communications Hardware

  • NVG battery packs for Actual NVG Goggles

  • Simulated Weapons and Integration

    • Pathfinder has experience with OEMs to implement unique weapon requirements and integrate training weapons into simulators

Simulator Architechture

  • Cabins/enclosures

  • Screens

  • HMD/VR configurations

    • HoloLens and Varjo

  • Optical Tracking and Implementation

  • External Loads

P2 - IOS in action 2.JPG

Software Tools

  • Flight Models

  • After Action Review Capability

  • Host Software System and Architecture

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