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Woman and Veteran Owned

Our President and CEO, Sheila Jaszlics is one of three original founders of Pathfinder Systems, Inc.

Sheila began her work at Pathfinder by developing PC turnkey software for US Government and commercial applications.

During the 1990s, she served as project manager for a number of programs which developed key Pathfinder technologies, to include transportation models for the US National Park Service at Isle Royale and Great Basin National Parks, roleplayer automation for large scale command and control simulation and Live/Constructive/Virtual training interoperation in support of the US Army.

Sheila was appointed company President in 1993, and expanded Pathfinder’s corporate capabilities significantly. Under her leadership, Pathfinder became the first American company to patent augmented reality for training and entertainment purposes. She oversaw numerous applications of this technology to support real-time command and control and training applications.

In the early 2000s, Pathfinder created its first gunnery trainers for crew-served and shoulder-fired weapons. Ms. Jaszlics led the company’s efforts to produce a series of high-fidelity, reconfigurable aircrew trainers for helicopter and fixed-wing aircraft.

In 2011, under her leadership, Pathfinder expanded into Europe with the sale of a reconfigurable high-fidelity trainer to the Royal Netherlands Air Force.

Today, Pathfinder is continuing to pursue a variety of business opportunities, to include the development of see-and-avoid technology for military and commercial aircraft, situational awareness capabilities for manned aircraft and aircraft-based awareness of drone threats.

A graduate of Regis University, Sheila served as an officer in the US Army for 14 years as an intelligence officer, signal officer and a field artillery battery commander. She is the author of numerous technical papers.

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