• Sheila

Updated: Nov 23, 2020

Pathfinder Systems, Inc. has signed a contract with the Government of the Netherlands, Defence Material Organisation, to build, deliver, and maintain for 15 years a helicopter Door Gunner Simulator (DGS). The DGS will support the training of aircrews for the CH-47D, Aerospatiale Cougar and NH-90 aircraft.

We have received a Purchase Order from the US Coast Guard to provide short-term maintenance support to the Coast Guard Aircrew Trainer delivered by Pathfinder Systems in 2011.

  • Sheila

Pathfinder Systems, Inc. has received a $1.8M contract from the Naval Air Warfare Center, Training Systems Division to move the original Marine Corps Aircrew Trainer Prototype (MCAT-P1) into its new building at MCAS New River, to document the maintenance and operating procedures, to provide spares, and certify it as Marine Corps Training Device 2H160. The MCAT-P1 is capable of operating as a stand-alone full-flight training device, or it can also interoperate with a CH-53E Weapons Trainer.