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Updated: Feb 15

PSI personnel performed hands on training for instructors at the Netherland's Door Gunner Simulator. Training included how to run the system, reconfigure the airframe and create new lessons. This enables the instructors to run scenarios created for them by Pathfinder, as well as to create new missions to run with their students.

Updated: Feb 13

Pathfinder Systems is at the site of our Netherlands Door Gunner Simulator for technology refresh and maintenance.

On Thursday, September 2, 2021, the Royal Netherlands Air Force and PSI will host a demonstration for the Royal Air Force (UK). The Door Gunner Simulator trains gunnery operations in a full-flight simulator designed and built by Pathfinder for the CH-47, Aerospatiale Cougar, and NH-90 helicopters.

Updated: Feb 13

Pathfinder is at the USCG Aviation Center in Mobile, AL.

For the next two weeks, we are performing technology upgrades on the Coast Guard Aircrew Weapons Trainer. It was originally designed and built by Pathfinder Systems eight years ago for the USCG Armed Helicopter Squadron and remains in continuous use since then by the USCG and other DoD units to train MH-60 and MH-65 aircrews for armed missions.

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