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Pathfinder is at Global Defense Helicopter this week in Warsaw, Poland. We have teamed up with 3D Perception, MultiSim, and Dillon Aero to demonstrate cross communication between a CH-47 Pilot and Rear Crew Trainer. PSI is also holding a presentation discussing the future of networking aircrew trainers to increase capability and lethality.

Updated: Jun 5, 2023

Falconry Training Solutions, a joint venture led by Pathfinder Systems, has been awarded a TSA IV contract. This allows access to an increased number of simulation contracts and our JV partnership gives us additional capabilities and expertise. Learn more about the TSA IV contract award.

Falconry Training Solutions is comprised of Alpha-1 Aerospace LLC, Pathfinder Systems Inc., and SimiGon Inc. to provide state-of-the-art training and simulation solutions for the U.S. Government and international partners. Learn more about Falconry Training Solutions.

Pathfinder Systems successfully completed the integration of Haptech wireless M110s to the Coast Guard Aircrew Weapons Trainer. In addition, PSI developed and delivered wireless rifle scopes to use with both the new M110s and the existing tethered training weapons. Pathfinder built the CG-AWT with the original training weapons back in 2010 and have continued to support it with with multiple upgrades and improvements throughout the years.

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