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Awards and Honors

Recipient of SBA Tibbetts Award for Outstanding Technological Development – 2016

The SBA’s Tibbetts Award, presented annually, recognizes those companies which stand out as representative of the spirit and intent of the SBIR program. Pathfinder was recognized for its long history of innovation and achievement through the SBIR program, with over $34 million in revenue and many key new technologies stemming from SBIR-funded programs.

SBA Region 8 Exporter of the Year – 2015

Pathfinder Systems was presented with the 2015 award for Exporter of the Year for the SBA’s six-state Region VIII (CO, MT, ND, SD, UT and WY) at National Small Business Week Awards Ceremony. This award, sponsored by the US Small Business Administration, recognizes businesses who have displayed excellence in various export activities, to include sales, profits, employment, marketing and providing assistance to other small business exporters.

Selected to Present at I/ITSEC – 2012

Authors: Charles R. Mayberry - HQ AETC/A3ZM, Sheila Jaszlics - Pathfinder Systems, Inc., Garrett Fritz - Pathfinder Systems, Inc. and Gary Stottlemyer - Pathfinder Systems, Inc.

There is a growing need to train airmen with simulation in the way we have been training pilots for years.   Augmented Reality Training Application for C-130 Aircrew Training System examines the potential benefits of using a prototype Augmented Reality (AR) tool to train USAF Loadmaster personnel in C-130 aircraft flying events.  This case study research uses mixed methods research design that include surveys and interviews to collect quantitative and qualitative data (Creswell & Plano-Clark, 2007; Yin, 2009).

AETC Education & Training Symposium Presentation – 2010

Pathfinder Systems was invited to present a discussion on Augmented Reality (AR), technology which integrates computer-generated information into a user’s real-world, real-time view.  We demonstrated the Augmented Reality C-130 Loadmaster Trainer (ARCLT), and presented the methodology used to develop the questionnaires and procedures for the Small Group Try Out (SGTO) and Large Group Try Out (LGTO).

DARPA Success Report – 2006

In 2006, Pathfinder Systems was selected by DARPA as one of twenty successful companies participating in the Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) program and two articles profiling the company and its success with the GTVS system was published in DARPA’s 2006 Success Reports. Read the full report here, or a summary article.

U.S. Army SBIR Phase III Success Stories – 2002

In a combined effort with Talking Lights LLC of Boston, MA, the Enhanced Mobility system combines Pathfinder Systems’ Augmented Reality technology with Talking Lights’ smart marker technology. The system, sponsored by the U.S. Tank Automotive Research, Development and Engineering Center (TARDEC), provides combat vehicles with a unique guidance system that allows them to negotiate battlefield hazards with greater accuracy and speed than previously possible.

  • $1.3M in DoD and Army research funding

  • Patents awarded on optical communication system and virtual reality system

  • Named an R&D100 Award winner and a finalist in the Discover Magazine Awards for Technical Innovation in 2000

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