Cabin Fidelity in Our Simulators

Pathfinder Systems offers a wide variety of design, manufacturing and installation services to support your simulator development.

Interior Finish

We design and create a multitude of interior elements to support training realism:

  • Interior seating & harnesses

  • Unique & re-configurable cabin details

  • Cabin floors

  • ICS & avionics systems and panels

NVG failure module (above) and IOS display (left) showing controls for NVG failure as well as student status, weapons status, and flight controls

Instructor Operator Stations

Custom Instructor Operator Stations:
Our custom instructor operator systems are tailored to each project’s specific needs.

  • Internal, external and movable solutions

  • Designed to meet unique customer needs

  • Instructor fault insertion

  • Student recording and debriefing capabilities

  • Scenario development

  • Integration of maintenance station capabilities

  • Instructor controllable night vision goggle (NVG) failure module

Our UH-60 Blackhawk simulator as implemented for the US Army  is show on the left. The interior replicates the interior seats. Note the On-board Instructor Operator Station (OBIOS) between the two gunner’s seats. With the OBIOS the instructor can watch the gunners’ performance and control the aircraft. The instructor can also inject and clear weapon failures, external load problems, and even ad-hoc friendly or opposing forces in real time.